Get VNC-ish behavior from Windows Remote Desktop

You use RDP (aka mstsc, remote desktop, remote assistance) to manage your windows servers right? You probably even know about the console. But sometimes when you reconnect to a server you don't REALLY get the console. Here's a cool trick that gives you real access to the console just like VNC-ing in. Allow remote control with group policy or local group policy. Gpupdate. Remote desktop in without the console. Then run "shadow 0". Boom! Now your are really controlling the physical console session. You can see your mouse move on the physical monitor. Disconnect with CTL+* (note: you must use the asterisk on the numeric keypad NOT SHIFT+8).

How to Connect to and Shadow the Console Session with Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services

Changes to Remote Administration in Windows Server 2008

If you run out of remote desktop sessions and can't start that non-console session. Then use terminal services manager on your local computer to connect to the remote computer and log off some sessions to make room for a new non-console session.