Here's streams of my pets within a few seconds. Sometimes live feeds and sometimes re-runs (internet & computers providing). I use POS webcams and the sweet service provided by


Mr. Bean (aka Weater) is an African Gray Parrot. Cardamom Seed and Poppy Seed (Fatty and Tiny) are some unknown type of lop eared rabbit (opinions vary). They are all adopted. The pet zone you see is the "DMZ." The critters have free run, but rarely cross the DMZ line.

The bunnies like climbing around their "rabitat" which is a piece of plywood as a shelf with holes that lead to run-ramps. The run ramps lead into a play box that connects to their litter box under the parrot cage. You'll see them lazing, grooming, and occasionally playing.

Weater can talk. And likes to. His web mic is turned on from around 6 AM to 4 PM Alaska time (4 hours earlier than EST). He says things like "Hello", "Good-bye", "Want a nut", "Want dinner", "I love you", "Want a shower", "Good parrot".... He also knows a host of tunes (bugle calls, better off alone, brick house...) and a lot of sound effects (farting, sneezing, microwave, phone, oven timer, beer can opening, door knocking...).

If you have any ideas about animals or this page, drop me a line. One thing I'd like to do is have a flash based sound recorder that pushes a sound file to a queue to be played for weater. Then people can send him messages and watch his reactions. I'd also like to add a few songs that could be played for him from the web page, again watching his reaction. That would all need to be protected and throttled for his health, but fun ideas.