Kauai Vacation Day 10

Today's Pics Last full day on the island. Today was Jim's grueling hike day. I hiked the grueling Kalalau trail along the Napali coast. Our guide book had this one completely screwed up. So, I kind of missed the mark, but had some good hiking and adventure anyway.

The hiking is really straight forward when it is dry. The lava rock is easy terrain, but the washouts can be bad and streams can flood. The trail traverses steep run-off valleys with lots of ups and downs. There are tons of run-off streams and warnings about Lepto Spirosis which is an unfriendly bacteria in snail eggs that transmits via mammal urine and water. Between the goats and feral cats, there is a lot of mammal urine.

I heard the voices and smelled the cigarettes from some dopes all cabellos'd out for goat hunting. I can't believe they didn't get one because I saw tons of them. Plus, some kind of grousey-stupid-chicken bird.

I also encountered some people from Jackson Hole, WY who were out for a camp. She had broken her ankle and they were waiting for a heli evac. I asked if they needed anything. She said, "Do you have a cigarette?" They didn't take my offered victory cigar. Though it turns out they did need some of the things from my first aid kit including pain killers and an ace bandage.

Long story short. The trail was longer than I planned for. I did 12 miles round trip. Missed the sexxy waterfalls at the end. Came back 4 hours late while my loving wife waited in the car. Ran out of water and had to drink the "snail water." I was later treated for lepto spirosis back in Anchorage.

It was a great hike!