Kauai Vacation Day 5

Today's photos. Our vacation is half started...or half over depending on your philosophy. Today was exhausting, but we accomplished very little. I took the rental bike up to Moalepe trail head up the road while Olivia slept in. It was a nice wet 4 mile ride. The downhill is pretty sweet, even wet, because the red dirt and lava rock are really solid compared to Chugach shit rock and skree sloughs.

We had "breakfast" at Bubba's Burgers which is tasty. They do nice flat patties like Winsteads in Kansas. Then, we drove down to Hanalei to do a simple bike ride in the Hanalei wildlife refuge. There were geese and cute little ducks that would waddle out of the taro fields and then dash back with beaks full of nesting materials. The short 2 mile road ended an a nice copse in a bamboo forest. The bigger trees had staghorn ferns growing on them.

Today was really about

Olivia going to the farmers' market in Kapa'a at 3 PM. We could not exactly figure out where it was going to be. Olivia wanted to be precise because the literature. Says they ring the bell at exactly 3 and much of the goods are gone right away.

A helpful bartender at the Olympic (aren't all bartenders helpful?) led us in the right direction. It was awesome! So, much good fruit. Armed with small bills and a backpack we went to gathering goodies for the kitchen back at the B&B. There were probably 30 vendors with everything from drinking coconuts, honey comb, fruit, and vegetables. Half the fruits we had to ask what they were and can't remember the names of. We bought basil, lychee type fruits, papaya, lettuce, a coconut for me to drink, some squishy persimmon things, huge green beans, tomoatoes, ginger, and the tastiest little bananas.

Then we headed off to the "Save U More" grocery store to pick up some supplements for dinner; noodles, cream, garlic, dressing, and wine.

Then we finished our shopping at Fish Express market to get a fresh cut of opa. Mmmmm. I tried some Ahi jerky there that was reminiscent of Alaska Native smoked salmon. It was a little less smokey with a sweeter richer red fish flavor.

We got home with all our bootie and livie prepared a lovely pasta dish with a very light wine cream sauce. The basil was incredible. So much tingle it was practically analgesic. Dinner in our bellies and an exhausting day of not much we slipped early into our food comas.