Symphony Tarns Hike

We spent our July 31st anniversary on a three day camping trip (pics) to Symphony Tarns off of Hiland Rd near in Eagle River. We hiked in through the valley as suggested in an Alaska hiking book. We joked that is was the gate to Moridor because it was wet, long and bushy with a cross through beaver brush on water and then a steep hike up to the Tarns. I took on a severe chill (aka hypothermia) the first night from dehydration and exhaustion (server change overs at work). Olivia saved me while I was chittering in the tent by making warm dinner in the cold dark Blair Witch vibe. I slept most of the next day, but we had dinner on a high point over looking the lakes. We decided to take the mountain ridges back and skip the bog. That path started with a hard climb and then a death march ridge run. We ate lunch huddled around around the stove in the driving wind. Some high points of the death march were great terrain, seeing a herd of mountain goats from above (video), some great alpine flowers, and just beautiful views. But it was a long hard 9 hours. We estimat ethe hike was 17-18 miles with about 4000 feet of up-again-down-again vertical gain.