Updated CPU Sheduler Simulation

My Java CPU Scheduler Simulation got an update over the last few days when a Turkish computer engineering student, Gökçen Eraslan, emailed me a notable bug. I've always been a little bit proud of this application because it has proven useful to some computer science professors and students. Plus, it was one of my first realistic Java GUI projects. So, when I verified Gökçen's bug find I was compelled to jump right on it. Here's the list of things I tweaked.
  • Fixed a bug in prioritized round robin scheduling where I was using the priority as the burst time when I should have been using MAX_PRIORITY-burst time. The result is that prioritized round robin jobs were running for less time than they should. Thanks Gökçen!!!
  • Fixed the burst and idle time displays being switched
  • Adjusted the fillRectangle calles in ProcessPanel to not overdraw the borders
  • Fixed the play/pause button so that it works correctly at startup
  • Added an applet link to the index.html head menu
It's hard to believe that the first version was in 2001, a lifetime ago. Otherwise the last change was in 2003. I'm still pretty proud of it, especially now that it is more polished.