Computer Science Field Test

I took the Educational Testing Service's (ETS) Major Field Test for Computer Science. The test was actually a lot of fun. Like a Highlights activity book for computer nerds. It took about 70 minutes (out of 120 alotted) and covered everything from basic programming to algorithms to automata. I was strongest in pratical programming and algorithms. I was weakest in operating systems (deadlocks, race conditions) and automata because I haven't had those classes yet and only have a hobbyists understanding. I still scored really high. Somewhere in the 93rd or 94th percentile which is a nice pat on the back. You have to take these things with a grain of salt though. It's just a multiple choice test and I'm being compared to a body of people who probably aren't as passionate as me about this stuff and are probably 5 years my youngers. But it was fun and insightful nonetheless.