Whole rabbit

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I was biking to work today when I happened upon a white rabbit. Lewis Caroll or no, our fuzzy little friend was freezing his little domesticated ass off in the bog woods next to the bike trail. It took a while to convince him that I was friend not foe. Finally, when I got low to the ground, he kind of loped over. There was some tussle, but I came back from behind and secured him. I tried to call for re-enforcements but the rest of the team was in class or working. So, I emptied a panier, lashed the stuff to the bike, and put him in the saddle-bag with an inch or so of open zipper. He's very soft and friendly and living in my bathroom for the time being. He pounded a lot of lettuce and celery with time still to make a mess with a water bowl. He definitely responds to affection. The parrot is leaping-of-of-stuff afraid of him. Of course the parrot is also afraid of towels and brooms, but not cats. I put some pictures (2) of Mr. Rabbit in my moblog . What should we name him?


Name him toby. :-)

name him Wiggley-there used to be a story ran in the KC Star about "Unkle Wiggley" a wild cottentail.-Papa

I like Fricassee :)