what about 802.11.g?

Hey Jim, what do you think about the new 802.11.g standard that is comming out? I think its an interesting idea but I already have enough 802.11.b toys right now to play with. ( witch cost me some serious 'jack' I might add) anyway more power to masses I guess. Greg Jetter Jr

Greg, MHO, I think it's all the same until it reaches 100Mbps. If I have a boat of data to move I either firewire or 100Mbs it. The wireless network niche in my life is for small easily accessible chunks of data in a small area. More simply, I wander my house and browse the web, listen to tunes, or labor on the net. Plus, the market is so shaky. There's a damn alpabet soup of 802.11{?}s.

I can see that other people in remote locations or with specific organisational needs might be more interested in using the wireless technology for a direct ppp-ish link. I'll bet the speed and symbol to data ratios of the next generation of wireless frequencies and protocols will appeal to this type of dedicated link user. Everybody, even us liesurites, will like the improved speed, efficiency, and hopefully security of those technologies.

I don't see myself needing to upgrade soon. I've spent maybe $500 on network equipment and maybe $200 of that is wireless. The airport cards in the laptops were trivial. I think that wireless is pretty cheap. That's not to say I've not sunken a boat or two on other things, but the wireless has to be less than 10% of the cost. I'd be interested, Greg, in what you spent, on what equipment to provide what solution.

Cheers, Jim