Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot

Interesting. Very interesting. Richard Restak gives this is a series of 28 steps that one can take to actively enhance ones brain. It's a good quick, but useful read if you get the time. Very approachable. Of particular interest to me were the discussions on metacognition, memory, learning through old age, and brain cell behavior through old age. I'll list the 28 core points.

  1. Learn about your brain
  2. Apply your knowledge of the brain to organize your ideas
  3. think of the brain as a montage engine
  4. learning capacity stays with age
  5. learn & use your motor skill
  6. profit from the link between learning, memory, and intelligence.
  7. Improve your memory
  8. Develop emotional memory
  9. Think in terms of brain geography
  10. Develop linkages
  11. Do things that stimulate lots of the brain
  12. let the brain be the brain
  13. practice forms of mental hygiene
  14. use emotions to advantage
  15. reduce stress
  16. harmonize with body rhythms
  17. concentrate
  18. train in logic
  19. develop a tolerance for uncertainty
  20. meta-cogitate
  21. read widely
  22. heighten your senses
  23. experience art & music
  24. exercise
  25. use your hands
  26. relaxation exercises
  27. use technology ;)
  28. act in harmony with your talents