Oracle's Mom

I'm learnin' myself how to ownzor oracle. Esp. for Sun. I'm coming at it from a mysql/gdbm frame or reference. The jargon/naming has probably been the hardest part. It's complicated, but it sure is flexible. My only MAJOR complaint is they don't have a console based installer or a way to do a manual install. I think that's very important for rolling out installs. So, that you can record them. Plus, the installer takes java, which of course takes an X11 framework. So you need ICE, Xm, X11 and a whole bunch of others. Things you don't normally consider necessary on a *dedicated* db server. I've worked around most of that and have a pretty well strippped solaris package with a tight oracle on it. I'll post some info about it here soon. I've even added an oracle topic!