Time Traxxing: 465,920 hours to live

I've started tracking my time with the Palm titrax program. So, I can send my supervisors reports on how I allocated my time. Working 50-80 hour weeks started making me ask, "How much can one work?" The first question is "How long is one awake?" If you sleep for 8 hours, then that's 16 hours a day that are "yours" (24-8=16). 7 days in the week and thats 112 waking hours (7*16). Consider that my classes want me to study 4-8 hours a week (call it 6). And that leaves me 94 hours. Oh yeah food and travel time; 4 hours per day (4*7=28). Now we have 66 hours. Anyway, you get the jist. But all that is NOTHING compared to the fact that your time here is finite. If you live to be 80 years old and sleep 8 hours every day of your life then you get a total of 465,920 waking hours in which to live (112*52*80).