New web face! The other one was hot looking. You have to admit it, but it was slow to download over my slow link and even slower to render. Even in not-so-modest computers. So I've gone full circle and brought the theme down a notch. This is my 'reallysimple' theme. That I'll post to geeklog later. I also made some changes to the backend.

Notice the inthemix, definitive, onthepress, and ephemera boxes on the right? Those used to be static HTML blocks that I edited via geeklog's admin panel. Now I just have data tables for those items and some custom PHP functions in lib-custom.php (why doesn lib-common-local.php work?).

I took out all the fixed size fonts in the style sheet. This makes the page more flexible for different display types and makes it obey the zoom rules most browsers seem to support now.

So now to enter new data.

  1. No html just type the data into a form
  2. No static page updates
  3. motion on the web page

It all took about 8 hours, but was worth the change.