New Job!

Yes! I signed my Appointment Letter this morning for my promotion from Callcenter Technician to Academic Technology Services (ATS) Engineer. Isn't that a mouthful. Let me tell you about it.

Firstly, I'll be out of the callcenter. I really love callcenter because I've been so intimate and worked so hard toward the development of it's current incarnation. And it's just going to get better (yes, even without me). And I /love/ working for my manager at Callcenter. She's 70% of the reason I enjoyed and stayed with such a high stress customer service outfit. And the innevitable but is...BUT I'm tired of taking calls and outgrew the role some time ago. My Irreverant father would say, "But Jim what of the team. Who will lead them into the light in your absence?". And I would reply "Dad, we'll always be a team. That's what teams are really about."

ATS is responsible for distance education and faculty training on popular software products and on our web based learning system, blackboard. My goals as their engineer is to setup a development house for blackboard and to rollout streaming media services on campus. It's going to be very exciting. Lot's of servers and I get to keep my TiBook, which was a big question for me.

And what it call comes down to, money. I'm getting a hefty raise in all this which is excellent timing.

So good things

  • new job
  • new office
  • keep TiBook
  • fun challenges
  • prestiges title
  • new team
  • more money
And the bad things
  • Diane's no longer my supervisor
  • Not as much time for pet projects for a while :: sighs ::

So this is great news, I've got some exciting challenges to work with, A new team that I'm barely acquainted with, Some extra money and A LOT OF READING TO DO!