Book Review: Dance Real Slow

Dance Real Slow by Micael Grant Jaffe is a touching and insightful novel about a single father. Gordon is an attorney who is raising his 4 year old son Calvin after the wife/mother ran away. It's a story chalk full of anectdotes about manhood, life, and fatherhood. Each adding depth to the struggle between an individual's selfishness and a father's love.

Jaffe is incredible. His ability to hone in on little tiny nuances of human nature and behavior make his style really interesting. As a man who loves kids, I find the story of a single professional man raising his son alone appealing. It really reaches out to my tender side. I really credit Jaffe's ability to nail a character, insecurities and all. I think this is a bold book to put the love of father and child over the classical love between man and woman. BRAVO! paucity caroms cathartic