New Years 2001: Dinner and Rustic Alaska

New Years Rocked! A family friend Davina and I had the pleasure enjoying a beautiful meal with Wally, Marcel, Mike, and Christy(sp?). Southside Bistro, one of Anchorages best kitchens and winelists, has an 8 course single seating New Year's sense-fest. The service is personable and prompt, and because of the single seating there is a real shared rhythm to the meal. Oh and did I mention the wine list, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, Carmenet Sem-Chard, Penfolds Bin 128 Pinot. Mike has a fine palette for wine and Davina is a cullinary arts student. between the two of them the menu forcasts were right on. But wait it get's better. I dropped off Davina at her friend's party and then hauled ass out to Eagle River to meet up with my party. After, the 4 mile snow mobile ride. With only one tipping the mobile accident. None of the beer that I brought was damaged ;). I got there 45 seconds before the midnight struck hearing the sound of fireworks and opening beers. Inside the cabin people had taken up instruments and were playing familiar tunes by gaslight. It was so pleasant and simple. Plus, there were racks of skis everywhere as most people had skiid in. I didn't capture a picture, but there was the cool baby sled that Nate designed that a skier could attach at the hips and travois the baby behind you. All in all it was awesome. Happy New Year! This one is gonna R00L!