TwinView Again

Went back to the drawing board and tried two cards with Xinerama and everything also worked fine, except I could not get the eccelerated drivers to work (both cards were Nvidia) - there must be a way but I didn't get it - So I went back to the dual head pro from Leadtek and tried again.... !!!! YES!!!... I was up and playing Unreal Tourney in two screens (not cloned like windows but stretched across both monitors ) I also was able to get QuakeIII to work, but not across the two for the right resolution should have been 2048x768 and it was coming up as 2045x 1536, but it still worked great at 1048x768 and ran with no probs. THIS IS great news I think!! Well hopefully you can post the pics I sent. Have a great weekend all! oboltyo -- Hey hey, its me again. Well after trying various dual cards, with monitors, and single cards with dual output - I was finally able to play Quake 3 and Unreal Tournement in Linux Mandrake with my two monitors. I like using my two cards at first - but could not get the ecceration to work ( of course this could be my fault - I would like to know if anyone has had success here) so I went back and put in my Leadtek dh pro and reset up the XF86Config-4, restarted and viola - all was well. When I tried unreal tourney I was able to play full screen across both monitors - this was a trip. In Quake3, however, the right resolution did not show up and I was able to play in a windowed screen - still pretty cool - and I am sure there must be a way to tell it to use the proper resolution. I played Quake 3 in wide screen mode and it worked very well. There is a jpg attached. - When I was using two cards with Xinerama both cards did work - and in Mandrake the simple command of XFdrake automatically set up the cards with both screens -very nice. Well thats all for now. Laters - oboltyo