Sleepless Tech

I'm so stoked! I recently declined a job at a local development house. The whole interview negotiation process really helped me to put things into perspective. It showed me what a sweet deal I have with the University and really gave me an appreciation for the people I work with. More importantly it gave me insight in what I really want (or don't want). I don't want to sign and NDA or NCA. I want to develop open software that I can share with the world. I believe that open source solutions present a viable market and world class solutions. So, I started a business, Sleepless Tech. I do anything and everything computers and information technology. I have my domain name, business license, and bank account. I've even already have a few customers. I just need to go get a PO Box and business cards :) I can't tell you how right the whole thing feels to me. I'm empowered.