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Quick linux p2v notes

I recently bought new hardware for my home server. Just a simple celeron board, nothing heavy. But the SATA chip is compatible with the free vmware esxi. So I switched my home linux server from a physical server to a VM. Here are my terse notes on moving a linux p2v (physical to virtual).

Boot the vm from knoppix and start netcat listening for a disk image
nc -l -p 9001 | gunzip | dd of=/dev/sda

On the physical machine (I did it live becuase it moves slow), netcout out. The 192.168 address is the vm's IP from knoppix+dhcp.
dd if=/dev/sda | gzip | nc 9001 -q 10

getting dd progress, use another console run
kill -USR1

vmware console; alt+f1, "unsupported", root password.

Busybox and some custom vmware stuff. That's it. No ssh, no inetd.

I did it over a 802.11G wireless bridge, so a bit slow.

10 Years at UAA!


I just recieved my ten year token gift, a glass plaque that says, "For 10 years of Dedicated Service to the The University of Alaska." It has been a great 10 years. Working for a University is noble work. It feels good. You have an incredible amount of freedom (especially on the net) that would be stymied by proxies and firewalls in a corporate environment. I've gotten to do really cool things with really heavy iron.

I've also grown up here. You can see from the image that I stared as a student back in the 90's. I've gradually climbed up the ranks into engineering and later leadership. It's given me some great experience and a hell of a resume. Thanks UAA!