October 2000 Archives

New PalmIIIe

I bought a Palm Pilot and joined the PDA revolution. What's the first thing I did with my expensive toy? Took it apart of course. You'll be able to see some pictures shortly. I found a site on upgrading the memory with a surface mount solder. Ray and I are going to do it just as soon as I can order the chips.

Process Scheduler Simulations

I had to write a simple simulation for OS class. It simulates the short term scheduler of an operating system using a variety of different algorithms. It's all written in Java2 and Swing. You can look at it here.

SMP Linux from scratch

I'm working on building a linux from scratch that will run native threads using glibc2. I would like everything on the system to be linked with it. This is in hopes that I can make my dual PII go fast. Plus, it's a great learning experience. You can read my ever changing notes file.

[Update ] Don't use my notes. There is an excellent boiler plate document that has achieved linuxdoc status located at linux from scratch. Check it out!