DocBook XML 4.1.2 Quick Start Guide

Jim Weller

Sleepless Tech


Revision History
Revision 0.9.02001-11-20
Fixed openjade install note that I forgot to mention.
Revision 0.8.22001-9-16
Proof reading and organization.
Revision 0.8.02001-9-15
Major changes to the source tree. Aded system id to xml documents. Added change to DocBook SGML 4.1 catalog that eliminated repeated DTDDECL error. Modified my personal catalog to map the SYSTEM id onto a local copy of the DTD.
Revision 0.5.02001-5-29
First revision and rewrite in DocBook XML
Revision 0.1.02001-04-12
First Writing in HTML

Describes how to install, configure and use the tools and resources for DocBook XML 4.1.2. The purpose of this quick start guide is to get new docbook authors, editors, and contributors up and running fast with the DoocBook tools. These are powerful tool in the hands of an author. It assumes a fair knowledge of building and installing source packages. There are probably a million and one ways to accomplish my ultimate goal of installing and using these tools. This one works well for me. If you find this useful, please drop me an email, so I can brag to my Grand Parents.

Table of Contents
1. Legal Notice
2. Introduction
3. Requirements
3.1. Basics
3.2. OpenJade
3.3. DocBook DTDs
3.4. ISO8879 Entities
3.5. DocBook Style Sheets
4. Installation and Configuration
4.1. Ground work
4.2. OpenJade
4.3. DocBook DTDs and Entities
4.4. Norm Walsh's and LDP's Style Sheets
4.5. Configuration
5. Using the Tools
5.1. A Simple DocBook XML document
5.2. Generating HTML & RTF
6. References