4. Installation and Configuration

Setting up the tools was the hard the first time. The maze of catalogs, programs and acronyms is daunting to the first time (even technically minded) user. I couldn't tell what I needed. Never mind the miles of error message these tools generate by default. But this method is quick and painless

4.1. Ground work

First setup some handy environmental variables.

export DBARCHIVE=/where/you/put/your/downloads
export SGMLHOME=/where/you/want/to/install/everything

4.2. OpenJade

The only package that requires compiling is openjade. Openjade is a reasonable GNU autotools source build. Be sure to add openjade's lib directory to your library search path ($LD_LIBRARY_PATH or ld.so.conf on Linux). Also be sure to add openjade's bin directory to your PATH. Note that you have to manually copy the dsssl subdirectory as openjade's install doesn't do it for you.

cd /where/you/compile/source
tar -xzf $DBARCHIVE/openjade-1.3.1.tar.gz
cd openjade-1.3.1
./configure --prefix=$SGMLHOME/openjade-1.3 --enable-http && make && make install
cp -a dsssl $SGMLHOME/openjade-1.3.1

4.3. DocBook DTDs and Entities

Next, you'll need to unpack all the DocTools DTDs and entities. The entities should be renamed to end in '.gml' . You can rename them by hand or try my one line bash script.

mkdir dtd
cd dtd
unzip -a $DBARCHIVE/docbook-sgml-4.2.zip
unzip -a $DBARCHIVE/ISOEnts.zip
for i in ISO*;do mv $i `echo $i | sed -e 's/ISO/iso-/g'`.gml;done

4.4. Norm Walsh's and LDP's Style Sheets

Now, we're ready to unpack Norm Walsh's and the LDP's Styles Sheets.

tar -xzf $DBARCHIVE/docbook-dsssl-1.77.tar.gz
mv docbook-dsssl-1.77 dsssl
cd dsssl

cp $DBARCHIVE/ldp.dsl html/
cp $DBARCHIVE/ldp.dsl print/


4.5. Configuration

Finally, we need to setup our SGML_CATALOG_FILES evironment variable. This variable is a colon seperated list of files that openjade will use to find 'stuff'. Once you get it set and working, I recommend making this a permanent fixture in your environment (.bash_profile,.profile, etc.).

export SGML_CATALOG_FILES=$SGMLHOME/openjade-1.3.1/dsssl/catalog:$SGMLHOME/dtd/docbook.cat