From Wordpress to Movable Type

After all the security problems I had with my wordpress site, I did a little research. Wordpress is not very secure. I switched over to Movable Type (MT). MT uses a static publishing model which is inherently more secure (no dynamic database code run by the internet user). The import was pretty easy since movable type can import wordpress' export format. So all the stories were a snap. MovableType's skinning & templating took maybe 2 days. MT's skinning framework is reasonable if a little scattered. I had to move my "recent" lists over to postgres. Thankfully I got to recycle a lot of my plugin code because MovableType can execute php code. My personal php is easy to secure since it is so simple.

So, I'm up with the font page facade. There are still a lot of broken links to deal with (mostly with rewrite rules). Then sit back and wait for the crawlers to catch up.