January 2008 Archives

Lots of fun projects around the house

Isn't it lame when blog entries start with, "I know I haven't written much lately..?" So this one starts, "I've been so focused doing projects, that I haven't had time to post some of the fun things to my blog." There are almost always pictures in the gallery, but I seem to write on average a post every 2 or 3 months.

I've been doing quite a few things around the house including the golden spiral project where I mathed out in excel a spiral based on the golden ratio that would fit onto the large wall in my vaulted living room. The spiral is traced with 50# fishing line as a vine path for  plant to grow. Progress is slow because I moved the base of the plant from roughly a 1 gallon pot to a 3 gallon pot and the plant likes to be root bound. It's slowly and healthily filling out the pot before it starts working on my artistic goal of growing in a spiral.

I built a "rabitat." It's a 2' x 4' x .5" piece of plywood mounted on the shelf brackets that support the entertainment center. The plywood has two bunny sized holes cut that lead to bunny sized box-platforms. The boxes run down ramps; one to the floor and one two a sculpted cardboard. That is all connected to their litter box under the parrot cage. It's all pretty elegant for the critters behaviors.

I went through a couple versions of rabitat. The first one's ramps were too steep. So, I added the box-platforms to reduce the angle. They liked the contained space and kept falling off the ramps, so I added walls to the platforms and "hand rails" to the ramps. They totally dig it. I give them food up there, they poop at a different level than where they eat, and people love to see them use the ramps. It's great. They are good boys.

I got a pool table. It is a very nice one from Goldenwest billiards. It was a freebie from a gracious friend of a friend. It's been seeing a lot of fun and visits. I've always loved the pacing while thinking about math and physics. I find it very relaxing.

I wired a full spectrum flourescent light fixture and wall switch for the weater parrot. Grays have demanding equatorial light needs (hah in Alaska). Light creates a noticeable shift in his behavior. He's more active and affectionate. I've also set the computer to play bugle calls throughout the day in an approximation of an army base schedule (First Call, Reveille, Assembly, Mess Call etc.). He's starting to sing along and has picked up some of the tunes. In general the strucure and light has made him a happy bird.

I also
  • painted all the sconces blue
  • insulated the garage door
  • install new outside motion detector lights
  • jacked up and added supports to the rear porch
  • insulated the "troll door" to the very cold attic door in the computer room closet
  • decked out the guest room and draped it to keep it clean while unused
  • setup webcams on the critters
  • painted the downstairs window trim burgundy