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Cardamom and Poppy, my new lop eared rabbit friends


I met Karen, "The Rabbit Lady," at the Anchorage Pet Rabbit Adoption and Rescue. She's a neat lady with a lot of rabbits. We talked a lot about rabbit care and wandered the hutches. There are these neat tans that have the black and tan color of Doberman Pincers.

Though I had thought I didn't want lop eared bunnies (or even new bunnies), I was really taken with the personalities of Mutt and Jeff. They were nice with each other and both presented to be petted (or fed, but didn't mind petting). They have been outside bunnies as you can see from the pictures. So I have built them a cardboard lined pen from medical boxes and propped up utility tables at the end of the living room next to Weeter. I'll use the small space to work them into reliable box training and house freedom. I renamed them to Poppy and Cardamom. They haven't complained. I've been learning a lot from the faqs from the House Rabbit Society. Very exciting!

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Rest in Peace Feffen Bunny

Feffen died yesterday morning. I think she ate some plastic grocery bag. She had horrible diarrhea the night before. I cleaned her and put her in her cage with fresh everything. The next morning, she was sitting quietly by the sliding door in the cool breeze when she seized, relaxed and stretched out. I rushed her to the vet too late. I'm so, so sad. She was the world's most wonderful bunny. I loved her very much and will always remember all the joy she brought to everyone. Rest in peace little bun buns. Update 2007.11.06: I have decided to adopt some rescue bunnies. I'm going to go meet Freckles and Deano.