Kauai Vacation Day 9

Today's photos We booked a "booze cruise" with Blue Dolphin tours. They take you around the Napali Coast, stop for a snorkel, booze you up, and then head back. They have a Dolphin sighting gaurantee (or you get another trip) and offer a short scuba for $35 bucks. It sucked! This was the low point of a great trip. The camera got saltwater on the lense. Olivia got very sea sick. They never called me back for my scuba lesson. So, I didn't get to dive. The place we went snorkeling was like a graveyard compared to the tunnels. Beautiful country and I had a nice nap back on the bow getting splashed. Should have done the dive lessons with the dive shop that had the cute Alaskan girl working there.

In counter point, we ate ate the best Thai restaurant ever, The King and I. The host was SO FUNNY. He was the first person ever wearing a tie. Kauai is so layed back, even with its formal where which means a nice island shirt. Anyway, he had a tie. I commented that that was the first tie I'd seen. He said, "Well it is a Thai restaurant." I laughed for 20 minutes. They did a cool spring roll thing where you break open the roll, stuff in mint and basil, pour in the sweet chili sauche and then wrap the whole thing in lettuce. Good stuff!