Kauai Vacation Day 8

Today's photosI started the day with an early morning ride up the trail next to our B&B. I encountered some boar hunters with a four wheeler. I think I scared the crap out of them. Notice the lifted Toyota trucks at the trail head. Lifted trucks seems to be the thing here in Kauai.

Check out the spider the size of my hand!

We spent today on the beach with a stop at Kauai orchids where Olivia bought some eye candy. The people there were very nice and knowledgeable.

The beach was fun and relaxing. We snorkeled our butts off and took lots of pictures of critters, fishes and turtles. We found a spot under a nice big ol' tree which shaded our favorite red head from the tropical sun. I fed the birds and gradually lured them closer to where they almost ate out of my hand.