Kauai Vacation Day 7

Today's photos Today was a planned activity day. Olivia lined us up an inner tube float through one of the plantations with Kauai Country Adventures. Trivia: the plantation is owned by Steve Case of AOL fame. The float was a lot of fun. They gear you up with a helmet and head lamp so you can see while you float through roughly two miles of tunnels. We bought one of those re-usable water proof cameras. The poor Caribbeans who were used to 80 degree water were freezing their butts off in the 60 degree irrigation canal. Roughly the same gig as the zip lining. They take you through the activity. Then you go to a water hole to have lunch.

Then we went to "The Tunnels" which is a coral reef on the north shore. The water proof camera came in handy for that. We used snorkel gear borrowed from the B&B and only had a short stint before the sun went down.