Kauai Vacation Day 6

Slow photo day Today was relatively quiet. We lazed in bed until almost noon. You can see the picture of my recently sun burned forehead. Olivia is morbidly fascinated with it. It's fine now. We went to Eggberts again for a breakfast feed. We rented Livie a wet suit for tomorrow's inner-tube which is rumored to have cold sections in the tunnels. She'll also use it to prolong her snorkeling time in the water.

We came back in the early afternoon. Olivia stayed home and relaxed while I headed for the Kumao'o Nounou trail head to bike. It's another way up to the sleeping giant where we hiked our second day. It's about three miles if medium to hard technical terrain with key sweet spots until it meets up with the other west side trail to head up the summit. I ditched the bike in the pines and hiked the summit again. I had my lunch up there and talked to some nice people from Houston, TX who recommended the snorkeling at Lydgate and Poipu. Then I hiked back down to my bike. I enjoyed a stellar downhill ride though I did walk the bike through some of the "vacation ending" technical sections. Don't use a hard tail; FSR only. Otherwise, an insanely sweet runout. On the way down I more heard than saw a wild pig; some grunting and a flash in the bushes. I also kept pacing with a lady running with her jack russell terrier named Samson :: chuckle ::.

After, I returned and cleaned up we went to Kintaro for sushi. We had the best Saki I've ever had called "Heaven's Door." So smoooooth. Then a big old sushi feast for me and tempura for Olivia. The price was soooo reasonable. We payed $60 for a meal that would have been $100 at our home town sushi spot.