Kauai Vacation Day 4

Todays photos. We got started a little later today. Sleep did not come so easily last night. We headed out to Eggberts for some farm style breakfast feeding. Standard IHOP type menu, but locally owned. Good food for a long day.

Our zipline tour was at 11:30 AM at the Princeville ranch. Thankfully, we were way ahead of schedule because the road crews were trimming trees reducing the highway to one lane in places. That really congested an already congested infrastructure.

We killed some time in the car until it was close to time to go on the tour. You literally had to weigh in at the office. Thankfully, I was measurably under 280 pounds (but not sexily under). Our guides, Matt and Will, were pretty laid back dudes. They got us outfitted quick. We rode these old German military vehicles to our launching spot. There were 15 of us on the tour.

Zip lining is incredible! Kind of a mixture of flying and sliding. That first weighted step of faith off the platform onto the line surprises you when you absorb the slack from the line. There were a total of 8 crossings and one suspension bridge; 7 crossings, then lunch, and then a final crossing. The suspension bridge is harder than it looks; like walking on a floating log.

Lunch was mega-fun. It was at one of those picturesque swimming holes you see in the brochures. The water was 16 feet at the deepest and great for diving. I must have jumped in 30 times. Lunch was really good too, especially after all the hard work having a blast. The guides packed pita bread, vegetable, and meat for sandwiches. There was also a bunch of fresh fruit and local cookies. After lunch, I swam more and we took the last zip line home. We were sad that it was over despite the fact that it was pouring rain. Though, we AK'ins were less affected than the poor hot house cali-boys.

Probably the coolest thing is that Will, one of our guides, responded to my query about downhill biking by offering to take us out! I gave him a card and phone number and hopefully he'll hook us up with a downhill session on Saturday. With that in mind, we stopped at Kauai cycle on the way back from Princeville to look into rentals. We got the brochure, left to come back t omorrow, and accidentally stole one of their topographical maps (blame Olivia). Then about half a mile a way, I realized that we only had one week left so the weekly rental was right on target, we owed them $3.95 for the stolen map, and Will was unlikely to find a tall bike for a fat-boy like me. So we flipped a U-turn and went back to rent a sweet FSR for me and a posh cruiser for Olivia. I plan to head up the Melapela trail every morning to put that bike through its paces.

Now we are catching a little shade time. We will get cleaned up. I'll put some aloe on my sunburned forehead. Then, we plan to head into town for some local eating.

Today was a blast!