Kauai Vacation Day 3

Today's photos. We started our day with a hike up the Sleeping Giant. A nice 4 mile 700 ft hike that starts in the norfolk pines and then switch backs its way up through progressively smaller trees. It's sweaty work for us Alaskans. The Trailblazer Kauai book does caution about the section after the covered picnic area, but it was pretty easy going for us and our hiking boots. The views were spectacular. Then we trundled back down to the covered tables for a little less exposure and lunch. We met a local up there Kani (sp?) who had hiked up wearing Tevas. We compared notes about AK and HI. He told us about the powerline trail as a good downhill mountain biking stretch. He told us that the best pizza was in the coconuts plaza. He also told us about a swimming hole and the end of Olehanu road. Man was he right! Nice deep pools of cool water and a rope swing! We hung out there for about an hour and rinsed the hike sweat off.

When we got back home we got organized. There is so much to do and only ten days! So, we made a calendar and booked a couple more events. Then we headed into town for some pizza. The pizza joint was a stand and some picnic tables. We were expecting something more like Moose's Tooth in Anchorage, but we took our pizza to a nearby bar and had some drinks. After dinner we drove east and stopped at Olympic cafe where we had breakfast the day before and had another drink. Then we just wandered the mustang east for a few hours looking for random turns and dead ends which seem to be an indicator of cool spots. Nothing really exciting after that. We stopped at the wildlife refuge and light house overlook for a few minutes. We finished the day picking up groceries where it rained into our convertible. Wet ride home! Now we are kicking back in the room reading. Tomorrow we'll have breakfast out, look into bike rentals, and go zip lining through the trees!