Kauai Vacation Day 2

We are much more settled and rested today. The bed in our B&B is wonderful to sleep in, and the sounds of crickets and doves are soothing to sleep to; though the feral roosters start crowing at about 5:30 AM. I woke early and headed to the end of the road where our B&B is to a trail head for an early morning hike while Olivia caught up on some much needed rest. She drove around yesterday while I snored in the mustang. After my 4 mile round trip hike up Moalepe trail we headed into town on this easter Sunday. We wanted to drive to the west side of the island. We drove the highway for a long time with the top down. The air blowing over the convertible top seems to act as an umbrella. We drove our way up Waimea canyon. We did not bring the camera which is too bad since the views were breathtaking, but we will be back in that area. We drove to the farthest west point on the road which is the Pacific Rim Missile Facility. We found some mango trees out there. The mangos were not totally ripe, but Olivia harvested a few anyway because they will likely ripen on the counter. There were agricultural research fields out there with people stationed under umbrellas out in the field. We can only speculate on there duty, but we think it has something to do with protecting seeds. For research, yield must be important. Finally, we drove "home" and had sandwiches and drinks on the patio. I drove back into town for essentials (beer, whiskey and cigars). We sat out on the patio, drank, smoked cigars, lit the fire pit and watched dusk turn to a beautiful starry night. We are enamoured. Here are the photos