Somewhere in the holidays

It's that doldrum time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most of the shopping is done. The tree is up. Olivia has canned all manner of tasty fruits. We are all geared up to ship out presents. We are going to celebrate Christmas morning with Rob & Larissa here at the house.

The skiing has been mediocre. We had one good dump at the beginning of the season. But it was not followed by any other snow. Then recently we have had some snow, but the temperatures have been too warm to sustain good trail conditions. The classic skiing in the woods is always good.

Mainly life has been about work and school. Work has a number of year end projects that have to be delivered between the fall and spring semesters. Both projects involve clustered load balanced application servers and require tracking a lot of complex details. Then I'm finishing out my last semester toward my bachelors computer science. It has been a challenge to keep motivated as all my classes are self study. Automata and complexity is particularly challenging.