Graduation, promotion, glorious snow and Christmas vacation

The last two weeks have been euphoric. I graduated with my bachelors of computer science. I was promoted to the lead webapps position. Christmas is right around the corner, and I get 9 days off. The snow has been posh for the skiing.

This semester was mostly independent study. Very much in the spirit of a senior year. I got A's in both my computer classes; automata/algorithms and operating systems. I got a B in an elective journalism survey class.

Commencement is in May, but I don't think I'll walk. No need to spend the extra money on accessories. I went to Olivia's first graduation. It feels like roll call for a full football stadium. It takes hours for the 5 seconds of glory. I might send out an announcement and have a party at the house after the holidays when things are less hectic.

Gifts are not necessary. If you absolutely must send me a graduation gift, then send me something associated with your favorite form of exercise or exercise accessory. Now that I have more time I need to lose the "college weight."

I'm very glad to have finished my degree. Not relieved in the stressful sense. I like school and will probably pursue grad school. I feel like computer science is a great degree. It addresses a balance between math, logic, programming, and just a smidge of the business side. Many of the models and abstractions have pervaded into my personal philosophy; divide and conquer, big-O, and space vs. time.

Then right on the heels of graduating, I got the job as the leader of the web apps group I work with in Information Technology. There are four people in the group. Of course, we will have to re-hire my position.

We focus on campus/community wide web applications and databases. Plus, I still get to be a genaralist assisting other IT groups. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to explore a leadership role and continue my technical development. Plus, it has a nice little raise. Olivia and I are very excited.

Oh Christmas is around the corner. I'm on the first day of my 8 day holiday (which you all should be able to tell because, I'm actually writing something). I'm in my pajamas at 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning. There's a light fall of snow outside where it will remain dark for a few more hours. Olivia, Jason, and I are going to go up to power line pass for a little classic skiing.

I got most of my shopping done around Thanksgiving. I ordered things online and went out twice on stocking stuffer excursions into town. It helped to shop at odd hours (Tuesday at 10:30 AM) in town. It's been all I can do to sit on presents this long. I'm a sharer and want to give things to people right way. Olivia really covers most of it with the wonderful jellies, jams and preserves she preapares. She is going out today to dare the Saturday the 23rd shopping kung fu. We'll open presents here at the house with Rob & Larissa on Christmas morning. Then Olivia and I will go to Olivia's Dad & Peggy's house.

The snow is incredible this year. We got one big dump early in the season. Then it was pretty slim until the last three weeks. Those three weeks just poured snow forth from the sky. Probably 3+ feet accross the last month. I've heard people say, "This is more like it was in the seventies." I just hope it keeps a steady flow of snow.

Plus, it has been a warm snow. My limit is about 0° farenheit for skate skiing, because it is harder to do in heavy clothing. I'll go to about -10° classic skiing. I ski more back country style and less classic XC racer. I'm more woolies and less spandex when I'm out classic. So, when the temperature is between 15 and 30 degrees, that is posh. Heaven is in the spring when there is a nice accumulation of snow when the cold nights keep the snow, and you can go out in the 40° days and skate ski in a t-shirt.

Graduation, promotion, snow and Christmas. We are very happy up north. Be on the lookout for a DVD slideshow from the Alaska Wellers. It's online too (click here). So, in my end-of-year bliss, I'd like to say, "I love you" to all my friends and relatives. May your holidays be restful and joyous.