Easy Patching Solaris

Patching Solaris 8 was a nightmare. You either had to do lots of tedious list work matching the patches you needed or you had to download the mega-zip of recommended patches. If you get Sun's PatchPro/smpatch utility you can take some of the heart-ache out of patching.

Use 'smpatch update' to patch most things, then sometimes you'll need to go to the console, drop into single user mode, do a 'smpatch add -x idlist=/var/sadm/spool/disallowed_patch_list' and reboot. There's also a way to use pprosetup to configure PatchPro to work as an automatically scheduled service much like Windows Update. I didn't explore that part yet. I'll probably just use a cronjob for now.

Patches are downloaded as jar (zip) files in /var/sadm/spool. Some patches, like kernel patches don't seem to work write in smpatch, maybe I was just impatient. So, you can install patches the old fashioned way with patchadd by unzipping the jar file and adding the patch manually.