This Fall's College Semester

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After, almost 7 years of working for UAA and almost 10 years of piddling toward a bachelor's degree, I've finally applied to the Computer Science program. If I'm very agressive in my academics I'll be able to graduate Dec, 2006. Olivia will graduate May, 2006. What a year that will be! This semester I'm taking Probabilty and Statistics, Networks, Software Engineering, and Anatomy and Physiology 2 (A&P). The anatomy is just to round out my lab course requirements. You have to have 2 full year lab classes (4 lectures, 4 labs). I already had a year of physics and a half year of Anatomy (almost 8 years ago). The only other generic class I'll need is Small Group Communications. The rest will be upper division CS. It's a grueling load this winter, and I don't expect to be the star of my classes. But I do expect to get B's. It's keeping me busy and Olivia is very supportive; especially in A&P.Update: Olivia got all A's. I got A's (Networking and Engineering) and B's (Statistics and Anatomy). Not bad for leading two lives.


HAHAHAHAHAHA.... Small group communications...HAHAHAHAHAHA.... That's Funny.

hey jim, i sent you an email a long time ago but i'll bet it was considered spam and junked. how's it going? thanks for showing me your site. i've since been working with wordpress; learning css and php. cool stuff.

Jim-glad to hear you are going for a degree, think it can be important in the future. Am proud of Olivia too. Takes courage and determination to change directions entirely and follow through. You mignt send me Olivia's brithday date when you get a chance. Rob might think small group communications are funny but we make up a small group that doesn't communicate too well. -Love Papa

Once you punch your ticket the sky is the limit. Now, git'ter done...Uncle Pat

OK, so I could read what's at the link this time. We're very proud of your commitment this semester...and the discipline you enforce. Although that means I haven't seen you at any visit for awhile. It's one semester...and then another...and then one more. We love you! The mommas (Jean and Steph)

Sounds good Jim, my only advice is:
Don't have kids till you graduate if you want to hit that graduation date.
In '99 I had finnished my first 2 years working towards my math and cs double major. Now I have 3 kids, my own business, and a half dozen classes till I get my cs degree. (I kinda forgot about the math degree.)
Gook luck.