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This Fall's College Semester

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After, almost 7 years of working for UAA and almost 10 years of piddling toward a bachelor's degree, I've finally applied to the Computer Science program. If I'm very agressive in my academics I'll be able to graduate Dec, 2006. Olivia will graduate May, 2006. What a year that will be! This semester I'm taking Probabilty and Statistics, Networks, Software Engineering, and Anatomy and Physiology 2 (A&P). The anatomy is just to round out my lab course requirements. You have to have 2 full year lab classes (4 lectures, 4 labs). I already had a year of physics and a half year of Anatomy (almost 8 years ago). The only other generic class I'll need is Small Group Communications. The rest will be upper division CS. It's a grueling load this winter, and I don't expect to be the star of my classes. But I do expect to get B's. It's keeping me busy and Olivia is very supportive; especially in A&P.Update: Olivia got all A's. I got A's (Networking and Engineering) and B's (Statistics and Anatomy). Not bad for leading two lives.