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Whole rabbit

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I was biking to work today when I happened upon a white rabbit. Lewis Caroll or no, our fuzzy little friend was freezing his little domesticated ass off in the bog woods next to the bike trail. It took a while to convince him that I was friend not foe. Finally, when I got low to the ground, he kind of loped over. There was some tussle, but I came back from behind and secured him. I tried to call for re-enforcements but the rest of the team was in class or working. So, I emptied a panier, lashed the stuff to the bike, and put him in the saddle-bag with an inch or so of open zipper. He's very soft and friendly and living in my bathroom for the time being. He pounded a lot of lettuce and celery with time still to make a mess with a water bowl. He definitely responds to affection. The parrot is leaping-of-of-stuff afraid of him. Of course the parrot is also afraid of towels and brooms, but not cats. I put some pictures (2) of Mr. Rabbit in my moblog . What should we name him?

article.php from geeklog

Most of my presence on the net are links to articles and howtos I've written. The majority of my blog history was with geeklog. I migrated all my geeklog stories into wordpress stories with SQL. Now I'm on wordpress and the URLS don't match. I made a quick mapping script to handle old article references.