Crypped and zipped: lots of apache and web site power ups

I put in a lot of time on this website and server this week. There's a whole laundry list of cool things I did. On the infrastructure level I added mod gzip and a real certificate to apache. Mod gzip compresses web pages (but not javascript, css, or images) to reduce bandwidth and load time when communicating with compliant browsers. I bought a go daddy turbo ssl cert. So, now I'm legitimately encrypted. It's the same 128bit encryption in the mathematical sense but it's cheaper in the insurance sense. It's great because now there are no stupid popups for most browsers out there (Mac IE and Safari are exceptions, but still encrypted). I'm also using the certificate to send and recieve mail securely.
[Mod_gzip] mod_gzip with SSL mini howto use with Apache's mod_proxy This is the site seal they "authorize" you to use They even give you some snazzy javascript that will pull the seal and give a back ref to their site. They are just missing the cartwheeling bear. I added a moblog email that uses to post to wordpress via xmlrpc. I'm just using the script to harvest pictures from emails and render thumbnails. Then I use php to grab the top couple of pictures from the harvest folder. I added an artsie title picture. They are excerpts from some of my photos cropped to fit and grayscaled. I think it gives a nice artistic effect. I'm pretty proud of how quick I did it. I added a random picture from all pictures in my personal area. It chooses one of the three thousand pictures to show on the main page. Then if you click the 'random pic' button you'll be given a page with 8 random pics to mess with. The random picture stuff is updated every hour. Plus, all the stuff like 'ephemeral' and 'reading' in the "menu area" are now sexier. They link to static pages that show more complete lists. I need to work out a quick form that will let me easily add to those lists. Right now I'm just using the mysql plugin for webmin. I moved the search into the nav bar I moved projects and documents into their own static area. I removed the "menu" which contains recent things from all pages except the intro (and other pages with more than one post). So it doesn't show on static pages.