Automatic Intranet Auth: Apache, IIS, Kerberos, and SPNEGO

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This is a quick project I whipped up at UAA on the path to an intranet subversion repository. It's just a simple demo of windows web clients, internet explorer and mozilla, taking advantage of kerberos authentication to negotiate via SPNEGO. One server is apache2+mod_auth_kerb the other is IIS 6.0. The windows media 9 videos below are insightful.

IE Video Demo

Mozilla/Firefox Video Demo


What is your kerberos server? Is it a windows AD server?

I'd like to get internet explorer to work with mod_auth_kerb and an MIT kerberos server. Also, I can't view the video on my debian-ppc laptop ;) (xine says unsupported codec)

Kerberos server is Win2k3. Mail me your ppc, I'll fix it 8)