Posted Wedding Web Page


We've finished the wedding web page. Most of the time was spent on the DVD that we sent out at Christmas and the textual content. Though, sorting pictures can be pretty time consuming too (like when you have 1,100 of them). I wrote the whole thing in the third person at first. I was thinking narrative. But Livie wouldn't have it. It was creepy. So I edited for person and verb tense. It came out pretty good. Especially, since there is just so much to say on the subject. You can definitely feel my writing style, technical and chunky. It was definitely cool to have everybody elses pictures. I was able to see and represent the wedding from all perspectives and choose favorite shots of different events. I wish I had more media (chuckle), specific stuff, like the final invitations, pictures of the decked out invitations, video of the garter toss and hilarity. Even, with all that, this compliation ranks spectacular on a scale of horrid to excellent which is just what I'd expect from this relationship.