Patch for Darwin Streaming Server

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This patch modifies QTSServer.cpp from Apple's Darwin Streaming Server such that it obeys the bind_ip_addr parameter. It was binding on and also opened encoder listeners on *all* ip-addresses. Now it *only* binds to the ip address in streamingserver.xml. I'm compiling it for Win32 with Visual Studio 6.


I can't get it working...I would like to bind the DSS only on one address not on any other adresse and also not on We like to use helix server and dss on one machine with two networkcards and two IP adresses. But helix needs the to test it's "heartbeat". So I can not disable it. So it would be very nice, if I can setup dss only on the second IP-address and not on because there is only one ;-) Server starts up, but it can not serve anything....

I had it working. This patch actually broke things a bit becuase a lot of the internal communications on the box (including the web config) expect localhost to be listening. I was going to go back and look at it. I ended up not using the patch for production. But instead bound to different ip-addresses and the same box. Then force helix and darwin to play as nice as they will and ignore where they conflict. If you find specific places where they conflict tell me about it.