Back on Palm

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I ended up hating the PocketPC. I let it sit for a few days turned off and it lost all my data. Plus it just couldn't get things straight between exchange, outlook, isync, and palm desktop. The palm syncs to all of them together. I bought myself a Sony CLIE PEG-TJ37. It's a nice piece of equipment because of the built in camera and 802.11b. The wireless sold me. That leads me back down a familiar path of developing for the palm os...

PRC-Tools and pilrc are both part of the debian woody distribution. So I get to skip about half of my howto. You do still have to get your own copies of the v5 SDK from palm. It of course has some problems

  • take the "Palm OS Tools/" subdirectory's contents and put them in /usr/share/prc-tools/sdk (debian defined directory).
  • move Incs to include
  • Change DOS line endings to UNIX (^M is CTL-V then CTL-M)
    for i in `find . -type f -name "*.h"`;do sed -e 's/^M$//g' $i > it; mv it $i;done
  • Core/System/ImcUtils.h has case problems from SystemPublic.h. I didn't even dig. I just linked ImcUtils.h to IMCUtils.h. Now they can call it what hell they want.
Using the above setup I was able to build and install the hello.c app from my linux palm howto. Now for more abmitious things...


I was being foolish. There is actullly a separate (unsupported) bundle of the SDK for unix/prc-tools.