Doc: 32bit Assembly Quick Start using Visual Studio and MASM on Windows

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I've just completed work on my first draft of a how to describing how to create, compile and debug a helloworld assembly language program for windows on intel using visual c++ and masm. I could not find an equivalent. I'm in an assembly/architecture class this semester and these are my notes on preparing for the assembly programs later in the semester. I'm really excited to be learning this. The java XML-FO to PDF converter I'm using to transform my docbook (FOP) is not doing a good job with CDATA (code samples) in converting to PDF, but the html looks good. Check it out if your intersted. Update: I fixed the xsl stylesheets to make the pdf look better. It's readable, but still formats some spacing oddly in programlisting tags.


Itis very useful my M.C.A Graduations