Book: Zero by Charles Seif

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I'm really starting to dig these math books. This one, Zero by Charles Seif, is a short survey of mathematics and physics history with a bent toward the concepts of zero and infinity. It's a good and quick read that will be interesting to anybody who enjoys cultural history of numbers and math. With it's cool quotes, any science type people will enjoy it to. Sometimes Seife gets a little idyllic and speculative (drawing quick conclusions), but nobody but (us) math dorks would read it otherwise.


i just finished zero by charles seife and i must say it was interesting from start to end.
and i disagree with that statement that nobody but math dorks would read it otherwise. i guess any normal thinking person would love to read this book as it not only tells about zero and infinity, but also about its effect on religions,philosophy, art and history since the beginning or, i must say after reading book, "conception" of zero in this world.