DNS Madness

Well for the few (8) people that read this site when slashdot is down, you probably noticed that I was down for a month or two. Don't ask me how, but my nameservers at internic got reset to GCI (my ISP). Of course GCI didn't have any of my host records. So, all my sites and domains were FUBAR'd. I didn't have a password to my registrars website because I got the domain before they had a web mgmt component. Plus, in my naivety I listed my ISP as the tech/admin contact. So anytime I wanted something from netsol I had to get them to contact my ISP. Then I had to get through my ISP's tech supp to the DNS admin. Basically, it was a real nightmare. I finally got access to my registrar's website and have changed all my domains to have me as the contact and my server as the DNS server. So, it's all working now.