Netra X1: Fast Data Access MMU Miss

Pieces of crap. I mean I appreciate the mystique of a serial terminal as much as the next geek, but how hard would it have really been to add a vga chip to these boxes? Anyway, you have probably searched all over the net for how to boot your X1, because you keep getting "Fast Data Access MMU Miss". You have to add a user to lom. Read on if you need instructions.

lom>useradd jim
lom>userperm jim crua
lom>userpassword jim
Enter new password: 
Reenter new password: 
Password changed
When the machine starts to come up again use #. to get into lom, login as your new user, and type 'break' to get to the ok prompt. Then you can type 'boot [whatever]' like you'd expect to.