Zio! Broke in MacOS 10.2

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I bought the Zio! Smartmedia reader because it supported OS X and because it was tiny. It worked great for a while, but with each OS X release the software broke. Microtech International kept up for a bit, but they haven't fixed 10.2 support. Don't trust OS X support claims unless you get it from Apple. I'm bailing on Zio. Read on if you want to see the email I sent their customer service group.

From: Jim Weller
Date: Thu Oct 10, 2002 6:57:06 PM America/Anchorage
To: MicroTech International Customer Service
Subject: Zio! Smartmedia & MacOS 10.2

It's been over 2 months since this was posted on your help forums. I bought the Zio! because it was conveniently small without the USB extension cord and because it had the Mac smiley face offering OS X support *without drivers*. It was great while it lasted, but with each OSX upgrade the software support from microtech has gone down the tubes. Not only did I have to upgrade drivers (why not just comply with the SDK?), but I now I have NO Zio support! I guess I just wanted to let you know how disappointed I am. I know it hardly matters because it's my initial purchase that counts in your coffers, but you should know that I and the other 5 people that bought this product at my suggestion are selling them on eBay and have replaced them with Lexar or Sandisk products.

Jim Weller


At least you got a chance to use your Zio. My CD-Rom won't download the drivers for the program. I have a PC and not Mac. I thought that this might be the problem. I read that if you're not registered it costs to get help. Try to register.....I dare anyone. www.microtechin.com/register. It is not there. The only help I can get is where to buy one. It is fortunate that I didn't pay much for it. It's my only consulation.