Kitten Hate

I'm really speechless about this follow up to the Killing Kittens blip. It's an evil use for an RDBMS. I just thought you should know. If you think hot or not was evil then read on. is a website that allows visitors from anywhere in the world to log their sexual activities [...]

From: " Info"
Date: Wed Oct 9, 2002 6:05:22 AM America/Anchorage
To: "Jim Weller"
Subject: Addendum to 'Killing Kittens'

Hey Jim,

Nice site, though you could really use some more content! Since your top story relates directly to my site I thought I'd give you a shout out and attach my site's little e-press release. :) Maybe it's worthy of a news followup on your page.

Keep up the good work/struggle,

sully, lead KH developer


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What is about? is a website that allows visitors from anywhere in the world to log their sexual activities in a way that is both self-informative and entertaining. After all, sex and masturbation don't have to be taken too seriously. Self-informative? By providing our users with an easy-to-understand framework to log and compile information about their most private of habits, we provide an opportunity to distinguish any patterns or oddities in a user's sexual diet. The user can then use that information to compare themselves with other users in their state, province, country or across the entire world and see exactly how they stack up.

Entertaining? Never before have statistics been compiled on such a grand and simultaneously finite scale on such a personal topic. Think of as the SETI@home of pseudo-sex sites. In the same way, you can race against other users in your home state, province or country, or even join a group and compete against others in kind. On a different tack altogether, you can join solely to participate in our community forums where users are encouraged to discuss and demystify the topic of sex, share their stories and encounters or simply chat it up.

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