AK PFD $1540.76

Ahh..The Permanent Fund Dividend. $1540.76 from the state government just for living in the most beautiful state in the union. It's a good life. It's nice to see:

10/09 SOA PFD DIVISION/2002 PFD/021009 1540.76

in your bank statement. Read on...

You can read about the history and finances of the PFD on your own.

But I should tell you that Alaska goes into a spending CRAZE when this money comes out. So, many pockets with burning holes. Don't even try to go to the new Best Buy in Anchorage. You'll be trampled only to see an empty store. They clean all the electronics and appliances and everything else out of the whole state.

Beyond the stampede to spend money. There is a marketing thrust to take it. Car dealerships will take your PFD as a downpayment. Travel agencies have PFD specials to Hawaii, Mexico, or you name where. There is a PFD everything sale.

Me? I'm saving mine. I don't need any new toys or equipment and I wouldn't fight the masses for them anyway. Besides I had to get my brakes fixed with some of the money.